Philosophy: Nourish | Move | Become

Size Fantastic was founded by Lisa Cutforth, a nutritionist and foodie with an Honours degree in Nutrition with Psychology, a certificate in cordon Bleu cookery, a certificate in Training and Assessing (and currently completing a diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership).

She studies to feed her passion for health.  Not just health: VA VA VOOM!  Lisa has always loved life, people and food.  Over the last decade Lisa has either been sharing, learning about or helping to transform peoples lives through what she has come to know about food, nutrition, and the stories and journeys in people’s heads and hearts and how it affects their health.

“Weight control is not about diets.  It’s about your life, there’s a context for where you are at and how you got there. Let’s figure it out, and move on!”  Lisa Cutforth

Lisa is certain that health needs to be addressed in the context of people’s lives and our modern environment, it requires a multidisciplinary approach, that means considering and addressing our physiological, psychological and sociological needs.  (For example: what you eat, how much you move and rest your body, your ability to use your mind and emotions effectively, how much support you have and whether or not you know what to do next).   Neglecting or ignoring pieces of the puzzle is like driving your car with your eyes closed and thinking you won’t crash.

A lot of the work Lisa does revolves around getting needs met.  Unmet needs are problematic.  People will resort to desperate measures in an attempt to get their needs met or resort to maladaptive coping strategies in an attempt to dull the discomfort or pain if they feel it’s hopeless. There are no conflicting needs, only conflicting or inappropriate coping strategies.

Change is uncomfortable but always possible.  Lisa’s ambition is to take health off the “too hard” shelf and restore her clients confidence in themselves and their ability to heal and be well…

A message from Lisa: “We probably need to challenge the idea that health and living your best life is a “luxury” or worse “impossible”…  In our modern world, I’d argue for “necessity” and “achievable”.  Be mindful of limiting beliefs, there are so many ways, so many options… it seems impossible that we can’t find “THE WAY” for you.”  

Size Fantastic to us means: looking and feeling great, inside and out!