Aimee, Personal Trainer.
“After this weekend I’ve come away with so many “Ah-ha” moments!… I now have an identity,
I know who I am… I have purpose…  Lisa, you are amazing!”

Tim, IT Company owner.
The experience I’ve had here is not like anything I’ve seen or come across before...
I’ve learned some valuable things about myself and how I can approach my health in the future.

Clare – Personal Trainer.
I’d had enough…., I never wanted to be on another yo-yo diet again!
After all the tools that Lisa has given me, both
from a psychological perspective,
and a nutritional perspective, I now feel empowered to make that my new future!

Clare has lost over 6kg already, since she started this program.

Marlo – Training to be a Personal Trainer.
I thought I was broken… and now I’ve come to this course, and
I’ve learnt these skills, that I didn’t even know existed…

It’s going to be something that I can use for the rest of my life.
I feel confident about the future… It’s really exciting!

Niki Pierce – Coach
It’s enabled me to reevaluate my old patterns and create some really empowering new ones…
Thank you so much, it’s been an amazing time of learning, and growth.  All power moving forward!

Niki has already lost 5kg since starting this program.