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Here’s a reason not to quit sugar altogether… actually I’ll give you three reasons!

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1. Starting your day with something sweet means you are less likely to crave sweet foods through the day.  Research suggests that people that say no to sugar all day, are more likely to give into a bigger sugar binge later in the day.  So if you are someone who tends to “crave” sugar, it might be better to plan something sweet into your day, and the earlier the better.  Of course I would recommend trying fruit and if that doesn’t cut it, opt for a reasonable portion of something you love, sit down with it at morning tea and make a moment of it, enjoying every bite.

2.  People who choose and crave sweet foods may be kinder.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology proposed researchers found that people who chose sweet food, like chocolate, over savory or neutral food like a cracker, or no food at all were more likely to help another person in need.

They also noted that in within their population sample, people’s perception is that those who like sweet food are more agreeable and helpful.  This was backed up by their researchers who established that “sweet toothed” people scored higher on being “agreeable” and were more likely to volunteer for cleaning up their city after a major flood compared with those who did not have a liking for sweet food.  The researchers proposed that a persons helpfulness or niceness is associated with a preference for sweet food.

3. Finally restricting sweet foods or an overly restrictive diet or dieting (full stop) is more likely to lead to over-eating or binge eating and yoyo dieting.  A better way to is adopt an attitude and approach to enjoy the sweeter things in moderation, say up to 20 % of your eating and make 80% of your eating about nourishing your body in delicious nutritious ways.

So please don’t feel like you HAVE to quit sugar this year…  the research pretty much says:

Sugar is sweet, and if you indulge in moderation, you will be too!

Happy New Year!  Wishing you health worth celebrating!

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Posted on Jan 16, 2018 - Last updated on Jan 18, 2018

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Lisa Cutforth is the founder of Size Fantastic. A nutritionist and foodie with a degree in Nutrition with Psychology and a passion for health, Lisa’s ambition is to take health off the “too hard” shelf and restore her clients confidence in themselves and their ability to heal and be well… Size Fantastic to us means: looking and feeling great, inside and out!