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Home Study DVD and Workbook Pack

This course includes over 8 hours of DVD Video content delivered by leading industry expert Lisa Cutforth (with qualifications in nutrition and psychology), workbooks, recipe book and everything you need to achieve healthy lasting weight loss.  Through this program you will gain important insights into why healthy weight loss is not just about willpower or an “eat less and move more” equation. Instead you learn the real secrets and strategies of lasting health and weight loss, which is: understanding why you eat (the real reasons) and knowing how to eat to really nourish your body so that you aren’t triggered by cravings &your body isn’t running a “store fat” program.

You will also learn more about yourself than ever before, and discover just what a powerful tool this awareness can be.

As well as the video content, you will also receive the 3 part transformation toolkit: Nourish | Move | Become which includes a full transformation manual, workbook and recipe book, giving you the tools you need to eat well, nourish your body (unwanted cravings be gone!), get fit and toned and burn calories as well as powerful mindset strategies (so that you can drop old habits, create new habits, understand why you do what you do- and drives you to eat – so that you can be free from non-hunger and emotional eating).

You are the secret ingredient to your success.  You will also discover a whole new set of skills you can use across the board in your life.   You don’t have to change who you are, but you do need to know yourself best.  When that happens you can live your life more deliberately, so that you can be more of who you are (the true reflection of yourself) rather than a series of unconscious behaviours, maladaptive coping mechanisms or auto- pilot reactions to your environment or other people’s agendas (the consequence of which is misery and weight gain).

 “Size Fantastic is the comprehensive system for creating a healthy body you love to be in.
It’s more than just a program, it’s a way of life.”

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